Welcome to DICGaming


DiCGaming has always prided themselves on organization and community based gaming. We feel it elevates the player’s gaming experience if he/she is in an enviroment where they can completely engross themselves into the game and all it has to offer. What makes us unique is our equal focus on Lore, PvP, and PvE. Though we consider ourselves a guild of casual gamers, we still embrace the immersion which can come from being in a MMORPG world.

 DiCGaming is a Multi-gaming network, focused in the area of Massive Multi-player Online Role-Playing Games. The goal of DiCGaming is to provide a community, encompassing several games, that allows it’s community members to enjoy each other’s company, get to know each other, and make friends in the gaming world.

DiCGaming was started, officially, Summer of 2008. However, it really didn’t take off till some time afterwards through Reddit.


Counter-Strike: Source – DICGaming server currently down while Sourcemod list is configured, check back for updates!

Day of Defeat: Source –  DICGaming GunGame server currently down while server move is in progress, bear with us!

Garry’s Mod – DICGaming Trouble in Terrorist Town server coming soon! Check back soon for updates!

Guild Wars 2 DICGaming run guild Dissagree accepting applications, ask an admin in teamspeak for info!

Killing Floor – DICGaming’s Killing Floor server, our first and longest running, is still going strong!

Neverwinter DICGaming is part of the independent guild R.E.S.P.E.C.T., feel free to send an application and join us!

Trackmania 2 Canyon & Valley – Both servers up and running, come try to beat our high-scores!

Vindictus DICGaming runs guild UnicornOrder and are accepting applications, ask an admin in teamspeak for information!

Warframe DICGaming is actively involved in the reddit clan TEST CLAN PLEASE IGNORE, head on over to the subreddit to join up!.